The Gumbo King originally hails from St. Louis, a ways up the river from New Orleans. His sister has been a New Orleans resident and chef for the last 15 years - she passed on this cajun tradition to him. He learned side-by-side from her how to create the alchemy of a good Cajun Gumbo.

The Gumbo King is a regular at the Jazz Festival in New Orleans, and is a true afficianado for the many flavors at the Fest - especially Gumbo! If you haven't been to New Orleans for the food, you have to make the pilgrimage! The Gumbo King's style is rooted in this New Orleans tradition.

The secret of the Gumbo King's batch is the roux. The darker the roux and the darker the Gumbo, the more flavorful the batch will be. It is a difficult and sometimes dangerous process to cook the roux to a deep chocolate color, but worth it for the end result. When combined with local fresh ingredients (including several kinds of handmade sausage), you will taste the difference!